Torch Motorcycles is a community of female moto-enthusiasts and their pals. We are riders, builders, designers, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, makers and collaborators. Our mission is to collect real data to design and build new cafe racer bikes, components, and apparel for women, while promoting safety and building community.  

Safe, comfy, and drop dead gorgeous.

Ignition Memberships


Ignition Memberships


The Torch Loft is also open to the general public and as a gathering place for residents of our immediate neighbourhood, Victoria Park, and other residents in Calgary's vibrant core. 

A limited membership category is also offered for $9 if you're curious about our community, are a non-rider, supporter, or attend one-time events*.
*If you want to upgrade within 30 days, we'll apply your Ignition Membership purchase amount to a 350cc or 1000cc membership category. Easy peasy!

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