Torch Motorcycles is a community of female moto-enthusiasts and their pals. We are riders, builders, designers, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, makers and collaborators. Our mission is to collect real data to design and build new cafe racer bikes, components, and apparel for women, while promoting safety and building community.  

Safe, comfy, and drop dead gorgeous.

Handbuilt Motorcycle Festival 2016
September 15th-25th

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Festival 2016 is set for 10 days this September! In it's 3rd year, Festival 2016 will take place again at Torch HQ's  in Calgary's historic Tigerstadt block - 914 Centre Street North. This year's event features Calgary's best summer builds, nightly street festivals, the Crash Helmet project -- a collaboration between crash survivors and Calgary's best tattooers, artists, and pin-stripers and, the launch of the Torch Moto games, races, and film events. 

This year's builds include projects from Emily Aalbers, Pascale Lafebvre, Elle West, Natasha Ruben, Brock Downey, Jake Kessell, and Jon Paskett's new 2016 Isle of Man TT Classic build! 

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Festival 2016 is delighted to welcome the generous support from our sponsors. Many thanks to Red Bull and Steam Whistle Brewing for keeping us hydrated, Blue Circle Insurance Brokers, with special thanks to  the Distinguished Gentleman's' Ride. Thank you !

Handbuilt Gallery 2015

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