Torch Motorcycles is a community of female moto-enthusiasts and their pals. We are riders, builders, designers, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, makers and collaborators. Our mission is to collect real data to design and build new cafe racer bikes, components, and apparel for women, while promoting safety and building community.  

Safe, comfy, and drop dead gorgeous.

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Torch Drop Frame Bridge Rally & BBQ

May 27th/28th: Safety Training with Candace Bangert. 

May 29th: Bridge Rally & BBQ. 

Named for the 1909 Wagner Motorcycle Company's ladies drop frame motorcycle, Torch's 1st Annual Bridge Rally requires the skill and cunning (--although slightly less endurance) than Clara Wagner. In 1910, Clara entered the American Federation of Motorcyclists Western Endurance Run. Completing 365 miles/580kms with a perfect score of 1000 points, race organizers refused to award her first place because she was a woman. Lore tells us that fellow racers chipped in and bought her a gold medal. Solo riders or pairs of riders are welcome to enter. You will cross at least five bridges in and around Calgary during the afternoon rally, amassing up to 1000 points. The race culminates at Torch HQ where the winner(s) will share $210 (--the cost of a Wagner Motorcycle in 1909) and other prizing! A bbq picnic is included in entrance fee.

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