Torch Motorcycles is a community of female moto-enthusiasts and their pals. We are riders, builders, designers, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, makers and collaborators. Our mission is to collect real data to design and build new cafe racer bikes, components, and apparel for women, while promoting safety and building community.  

Safe, comfy, and drop dead gorgeous.

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Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out is an annual all female overnight motorcycle adventure and campout to one of California’s most beautiful destinations that takes place October. We welcome all ladies who ride or want to know more about riding motos to come out and join us. This event is about making friends and having a good time with those who share the same interests without any distractions.  For those who just can't say goodbye to riding, join the Torch Crew on this final ride in 2016!          



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